1. PASTORS ARE CHAMPIONS – We help pastors to see themselves as more than spiritual shepherds. We teach them to also see themselves as captains over an army of parents and children, youth, and family ministry volunteers. As captains, their role is to lead the church adults into spiritual battle for the souls of their children. In GCN, we ask pastors to become champions of the ministry of GCN in their churches.

2. THE CHURCH~PARENT PARTNERSHIP – We help the church and home establish a partnership where parents are trained just like the volunteers are trained. Our children’s club, Malachi Kids, emphasizes that the greater work of making disciples is in the home with parents leading their own children spiritually.

3. MASTER STORY TELLERS – All parents and volunteers working with the children are trained to be master story tellers. Bible storytelling is the key that unlocks the unique work of GCN and their children’s ministry called Malachi Kids. Besides playing games and having fun with the children and youth each week, the main event is the Bible story telling time. The stories, teachings, and doctrines of the Bible are placed in chronological order and taught weekly in the Malachi Kids club and at home. During the club time a story teller will tell the Bible story with great excitement to the children and youth. After the story the children will form groups of two and the children will practice telling the story to one another. Afterward, in groups of five to ten, the children will listen again to the story from the teenagers with a special emphasis on the story’s central truth and spiritual principle. From there all the children and youth return to the large group time and the story teller finishes the lesson with everyone holding hands. At that time the children are commissioned or dedicated to go out and tell the story to family, friends, and all the people they meet. The children and youth are sent out each week to be lights to the world!

4. TELLING GOD’S BIG STORY – Malachi Kids clubs help pastors, parents and volunteers discover that God’s big story of redemption is to be boldly proclaimed by God’s children of all ages. Even little children can learn to do this. The Bible is made of many stories that unite together as building blocks to communicate God’s story. Within God’s story we all have our stories. God designed all of us in His image and all of us love to hear and tell stories. I have much more to tell you about this strategy.

5. THE GOSPEL WHEEL IS IN EVERY STORY – There are four major themes when we teach the gospel wheel. They are; God, man, sin, and salvation. Through the teaching of the gospel wheel we are able to connect all the stories and doctrines of the Bible. This builds the foundation of understanding in children and youth.

6. THE FOUR BOXES OF DISCIPLESHIP – Though Bible memory is one of the components in the Four Boxes of Discipleship, there are other components equally important to making disciples such as Bible reading, Bible study, prayer, intimate walk with God, one’s testimony and daily walk, and witness. GCN’s Malachi Kids does an outstanding job balancing all of the components of discipleship.

7. GLOBAL OWNERSHIP – Most Christian organizations over the years tend to hold tight control over their employees and workers even in other countries. They are in charge and they believe the organization belongs to them or at least is theirs to manage as they choose. GCN has chosen to take an entirely different approach. We see ourselves as servant catalysts the Lord is using to ignite the fires of evangelism and discipleship. Rather that maintaining tight fisted control over others, we have chosen to open our hands to transfer ministry ownership to ministry leaders in countries around the world when they are ready and willing to take responsibility.